Condo Insurance

Condo Insurance

The convenience of a condominium or co-op is tough to beat. Say goodbye to mowing the lawn, shoveling the sidewalk, and cleaning the gutters. But while you don't have to worry about the outside chores, you still need to protect what's inside your unit. The master policy purchased by the condo association or co-op corporation does not protect your personal items or the interior walls of your unit. Get a condo insurance quote today—it's fast and free.

Why do you need a condo / co-op insurance policy?

Condo insurance and co-op insurance policies protect your unit and personal property against a variety of losses such as fire, lightning, theft, and vandalism. In addition, condo insurance policies include information on liability coverage for certain kinds of accidents, such as a neighbor slipping on a wet floor in the kitchen and water damage to interior walls and fixtures (such as cabinets) of your unit.

Liability coverage for condo owners

Your condo policy covers more than just your home. Every policy includes personal liability protection, which may cover injury or property damage to others caused by you or a member of your household. In addition, your policy includes medical payments coverage for minor injuries to people who don't live with you but are injured on your property.

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