As the seasons change, your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning business becomes more important to your customers and the work rolls in. Your company gets busier, your employees move faster, and as business increases, so does the risk for something to go wrong.

HVAC Insurance is required by technicians and small business owners in the heating, ventilation, and cooling construction industry. Every HVAC business is going to need general liability insurance.

Commercial General Liability insurance covers potential liability for property damage, moisture damage, injuries caused by you or your employees, including any installation or repair problem. This is the most important insurance coverage for HVAC businesses because of the nature of the work.

For example, ventilation installation requires skill and precise placement to avoid leaks or moisture build ups, which could damage your customer’s home or business. General liability protects you from these mistakes and any potential damage you may cause, either to the HVAC units you’re installing or to the physical property where you’re working. These are the two biggest liability areas for the HVAC industry that general liability covers.

Professional Liability insurance covers claims made against you, individual employees and subcontractors. Your workers are considered the HVAC experts when installing, repairing and maintaining climate control systems in a home or office building, and they are accountable to provide appropriate services and knowledgeable advice. Professional liability also covers any necessary legal defense costs against negligence claims.

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