IT Professionals

IT Professionals

Operating an IT business or internet-based business can put you at risk. You’re likely not only handling your website, but also email, social media and digital assets. You also may have access to other companies' sensitive data. Although you’re operating on a web-based system, the laws of copyright, libel, slander and trademark still exist. Regardless of your job or specialty, as a technology professional you will be asked to provide specific insurance coverage to meet certain contract and client requirements.

Information Technology Liability Insurance can provide protection against a number of threats:

  • Computer viruses
  • Hacking and cyber liability
  • Industrial espionage
  • DOS (Denial Of Service) attacks
  • Data breach and data loss

It can be extremely difficult to determine your exact risks, whether you operate an online business, an IT consulting company or computer repair service. Starting an online business, whether home-based or out of an office, involves risks other than those you would encounter with a storefront business.

When you create a website, for example, you have the same legal liability as a publisher of a print newspaper or magazine, but most site operators don’t treat the content the same. That’s where internet business insurance comes into play.

An IT liability insurance policy can help you through some of these possible situations:

  • An employee places a copyrighted image on your homepage without the owner’s consent.
  • Your website and business have a similar name as a well-established site with a copyright already established.
  • When writing press material or contributing to an online forum, an employee writes disparaging remarks about the competition.
  • An outsider hacks your site and shuts down all operations.
  • A disgruntled employee tampers with customer payment information.

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